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Solutions Overview Delivering Excellence to Our Customers
Basing our solutions on Microsoft's .NET framework ensures that our product line is fully scalable, up to and including, Enterprise implementations. When technology moves we are flexible enough to move at the same time.
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Our Flagship Solutions

versaSRS Customer Service, Sales & Business Improvement
versaSRS is feature-rich and highly flexible service request management software. Whether you are managing customers, business processes, assets, sales leads or prospects, versaSRS will support & help your business grow & run more efficiently. Discover More

versaAPAI Accounts Payable Auto Invoice Tool
versaAPAI is Accounts Payable Invoice processing and routing software. VersaDev have developed a solution which standardises and automates the processing of incoming invoices via email with output to a specific file format. Discover More

versaNote Free Company Blogging Software
versaNote is 'Getting Things Done' software. We have integrated blogging software with an online document management system to deliver critical information to your employees, the public or both. Discover More
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About Us

By bringing together skills in business analysis, project management, web development, database and user interface design, we can ensure that you don't have to compromise. We pride ourselves in our ability to listen, comprehend and subsequently implement value-added solutions for our customers, to specification and on time.

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Across Industries & Across Business Units

With over 6000 registered implementations worldwide, VersaDev software has a diverse user base covering small to enterprise organisations in both the public and private sectors.

We are continually developing new enhancements to enrich our product range, born out of close customer relationships and feedback.

Whether you have 3 customers or 3 million, our products can support you. Our extensive experience with globally distributed networks, for enterprise customers, guarantees robustness and performance.