Time Writing and Billing Management
versaTWB Time Writing & Billing Management
versaTWB makes the job of recording time against jobs - to support either internal based charging or customer based charging - easier, more efficient and return real results in a tenth of the time compared with other processes and solutions.
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versaTWB has already proved its value within the mining sector with the solution being used to efficiently manage and record their project time and charging processes effectively.
Business Benefits
  • Increase Efficiency
  • Reduce Manual Processing
  • Shorten Completion Time Cycles
  • Streamline
  • Collaborate

The business importance of efficient, effective and timely management of the handling, processing and compilation of information, leading to reliable and accurate Billing and Invoicing outcomes for your Customers, can not be trivialized and can not be understated.

Business in today's environment need to manage their Billing and Invoicing practices in a manner which keeps the business operational, generates revenue and keeps cash flow moving. If this process is slow, cumbersome and erratic, then your business suffers - this is where versaTWB comes into its own.

versaTWB is a Time Writing and Billing Application that serves several purposes:

  • Allows Staff the ability to record hours against jobs, matters or service offerings set against specific clients or customers
  • Allows Service Based Staff and Groups to record Volume Charges for service-related activities
  • Ability to produce detailed End of Period Bills and Invoices with the option of automatic emailing of copies directly to Service Providers and Customers
  • Produce output files to upload cross business charging data to systems such as SAP, or other accounting systems.

Delivered to users via the Web Browser, and utilising a Windows look and feel incorporating drop-down menus, resizable grids, pop-up dialogs and tabs, the speed of operation is such that users are generally unaware that the application is browser based. Distributable across the enterprise, with zero deployment on desktops, allows staff the ability to easily access and use the system collaboratively, work productively and minimize multiple handling and processing.

versaTWB is perfect for:
  • Law Firms
  • HR Firms
  • Payroll Processing Companies
  • Accounting Firms
  • Service Provider Firms
  • Large Corporations
  • Financial Services Companies
  • Any Business which needs to record and manage Time or Volume based charging
Key Advantages
Time Writing

Users can record time spent against matters, jobs or tasks, set against specific customers and billing requirements, concurrently quickly and easily. Included is the ability to record notes against each time entry or the whole day.

Project Management

Authorized users of the system can create; Projects (matters, jobs, service offerings). Assign Service Providers (typically a Division, Group or Staff Members). Assign Customers to Service Providers. Apply the relevant charging codes, taxes and other key charge identifiers which apply to Projects.


Authorized users of the system can; Assign Volume Charges against Projects. Charges can be rolled over from period to period, Yearly Budgets for Volume defined, and Actuals against Budgets can be tracked through reports.


Formatted Invoices can be produced at the end of each period detailing the Time and Volume Charges for each Customer. These are disseminated via Subscriptions using Microsoft SQL Reporting Services, with Invoices charged and generated in the defined local currency of the Customer.


An Upload file (for feed into either SAP, MIMS, or other Accounting Packages) can be generated at the end of each period to assist with transfer of funds between the Customer and Service Provider's accounts for internal or external charging.


A variety of Summary and Detailed Reports are available from the system for Users, Administrators, Managers, or anyone who requires reporting outputs.


Based on the Microsoft .NET Framework and delivered through the web browser, the system enables personnel the ability to use a solution which is live, eliminates labor intensive manual processing, utilizes user security based authority and assignment, and reports effectively on outcomes.

Although versaTWB is web browser delivered, the application utilises Windows Service Calls to avoid time and bandwidth-consuming page post-backs on the main data entry forms. Data is saved as it is keyed by the user eliminating the need to click an "OK" button at regular intervals to commit changes.

This architecture methodology allows businesses to implement the solution and make it available to their entire workforce, whether they exist in a single operation or across the globe.

Reports and Invoices are generated using Microsoft SQL Reporting Services. Again this allows a Web Interface to these items avoiding the need for any desktop components and ensuring that enhancements can be delivered to all users quickly and concurrently.

Key Advantages
  • Significantly reduces the time required to produce invoices - typical example from 1 week to 1 hour
  • Reduces the Administration overhead by allowing users the ability to 'Self-Service' by creating and processing their own Projects
  • Timely, self-service of detailed Reports
  • Fast to deploy and update due to thin-client architecture
  • Ability to be used globally - allowing multiple site users in different offices or countries to concurrently process their information
  • Billing and Invoicing accuracy improvements with reduction in errors.
  • Microsoft Windows Server
  • Microsoft Internet Information Server (IIS)
  • Microsoft .Net Framework 2.0
  • Microsoft SQL Server
Hosting Requirements

SaaS or On Premise? Both are possible. It's your choice. When your company purchases versaTWB we provide a .Net DLL and a SQL Server database structure. Your company is responsible for providing the hosting server(s). Minimum hosting requirements are listed here.

Client Requirements

versaTWB is an Enterprise solution which means it can scale to the size of your business. You don't however have to be an enterprise level organisation to take advantage of the features of our product.

  • Web browsers: IE, Edge, Chrome, Firefox, Safari
  • Pop-Up Blocking Software Disabled or App Added to Allowable Site List
  • Java Script enabled
  • Cookies enabled
  • Screen resolution 1024 x 768 (min)